In this assignment, you will be writing a 1,000-1,250 word
October 11, 2021
For this assignment, you will conduct research on the career
October 11, 2021

You will suggest a real or imagined work situation where

You will suggest a real or imagined work situation where it is important to monitor at least four streams of incoming information simultaneously. The purpose of this assignment is to have the student assess the need for multiple information streams and to design a dashboard using appropriate data visualization and the provided instructions.  If you choose to use an existing Dashboard from work, provide a copy of the existing Dashboard, and demonstrate how your re-design of that Dashboard improves upon the original.  Dashboards should be designed using good design principles based on Few (2013) and not based on “this is the way we have always done it at work.”  Design the appropriate information graphic or table for each stream of information.  Create a Dashboard which meaningfully arranges the depictions of your incoming information streams that displays the status of each factor and the whole situation easily and rapidly.  In addition to creating a Dashboard, you will very briefly report your situation to the class and hand in a 2-3 page APA style paper your work situation, information streams, representational depictions and offer the following:

·  A hardcopy of your dashboard mock-up 

·  A narrative describing your dashboard with instructions of how to look at it, how to interpret it, and what each part and the whole mean

·  A brief description about the situations being monitored

·  A brief description about why monitoring each information stream is important

·  A brief description about why you chose the graphic or tabular representation for each input stream