Week 4 Discussion Directions: Continue with the theory you chose
October 13, 2021
Technology is one of the major factors that has reshaped
October 13, 2021

Working in a 3 – 5 person team, research and

 Working in a 3 – 5 person team, research and prepare a 30 minute oral report that identifies a current people management issue, discusses best practices to address the issue, presents a case study of how a specific organization handled the issue, recommends implementation strategies for other organizations, and identifies three insights the team gained into effective people management. Each team must select a difference issue; and all team members participate in the oral presentation. A well-constructed presentation will cite and reference six or more sources and adhere to APA guidelines.  

 Leader Development: How to identify and develop effective leaders 

 Discuss best practices to address the HRM issue including defining key terms and presenting current theories and research that validates the effectiveness of recommended practices.