Chapter 1 topics: Define and discuss cloud computing. Discuss how
October 19, 2021
Review the Resources and reflect on your thinking regarding the
October 19, 2021

Topic: Suicide Provide a brief description of your topic (fewer

 Topic: Suicide


  • Provide a brief description of your topic (fewer than 50 words). 
  • Clearly state the research hypothesis you generated for the topic you selected, and identify the independent variable and dependent variable in your hypothesis.
  • Explain the sampling method (probability or nonprobability) and the particular technique (e.g., simple random sampling, systematic random sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, snowball sampling, convenience sampling) that would be ideal to test your proposed hypothesis.
  • Explain how the proposed sampling technique would be carried out as it applies to your proposed study idea (i.e., how you would use this method to recruit participants).