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October 18, 2021
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October 18, 2021

This week, you work outward from the micro to the

 This week, you work outward from the micro to the mezzo when focusing on community contexts of practice. Next week, you extend further into the characteristics of macro practice when engaging more fully with how a social work agency’s mission may relate to a social problem. In your identification and analysis of community context this week, perhaps you see connections between these various features of practice?

For this next Discussion in the Agency Presentation sequence, recall that you upload the indicated slide from your Agency Presentation for comparison and online Discussion this week, as well as possible Synchronous Video Conference Meeting Discussion next week.

To Prepare

  • Note the additional required prompts in this week’s Discussion that vary from the previous Agency Presentation postings.
  • Review the Week 9 Assignment instructions.
  • Develop the slide for the Week 9 Assignment, focusing on the agency’s mission statement and how that connects to a social problem.
    • Recall that the goal of the Agency Presentation is to examine the characteristics of your agency in reference to the field of social work and the types of services offered to clients.
  • Note: Your complete Week 9 Final Project submission requires a reference page. Be sure to continue compiling your reference list before your final submission next week.

By Day 3

  • Upload the slide from your Agency Presentation that relates to how the agency’s mission statement connects to a social problem.
  • Identify other organizations, in the community, that also address this problem.
  • Identify challenges to meeting the needs of the community faced by your agency and the ways in which your agency meets those challenges.
  • Does your agency have to refer clients to organizations outside your community? Why?