Imagine you are in a fast-food restaurant where a lady
October 13, 2021
Aggressive behavior- A high school or college campus shooting How
October 13, 2021

There are two XML files, and you need to write

  • There are two XML files, and you need to write a schema for both of them separately
  • Download both XML files: 1 and 2
  • For EACH of the two XML files
    • Carefully note multiplicity – Hints are phrased in plain English in file comments
    • Create an appropriate schema in an XSD file in Oxygen
      • Comment to defend your treatment of each element, and use the path of the element to help guide us.  For example, you can say <!– Flight/Destination is a complexType with a sequence because it has children –>
    • To double-check your work, attempt validating the XML with your XSD.  Validation errors are often the result of very minor mistakes, and correct validation is not a part of your assignment grade, so use your time wisely.
    • This all means that you will create and submit 2 XSD files, and each is a schema for each of the 2 XML files.