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October 12, 2021 please watch the video and see the file and
October 12, 2021

Select one of these ethical dilemmas. There is a lot

Select one of these ethical dilemmas. There is a lot of information on the internet about each of them.

  • Withholding/Withdrawing Life Support – Terri Schiavo, was in a persistent vegetative state when her life-sustaining treatment was withdrawn (2005)
  • Withdrawing Life Support/Resource Allocation – Jahi McMath, was a teen who was declared brain dead but remained on life support for almost 5 years (2013)
  • Right to Die – Dan Crews, had been a quadriplegic since childhood and wanted his ventilator removed to allow for death to come (2011)
  • Religion/Culture/Rights of Minor and Parental Rights – Daniel Houser, was a teen with Hodgkin’s Disease who refused life-sustaining chemotherapy for religious reasons (2009)
  • Withdrawing Life Support/Rights of the Unborn Child – Marlise Munoz, was a brain-dead woman kept on life support because of her unborn child (2013) 

your PowerPoint Presentation will be on your selected case and you will need to address:

  • EACH component/step of the Framework for Ethical Decision Making as outlined on the Worksheet for Ethical Decision Making Framework; refer to these document (Course Modules/Materials >>Supporting Documents).
  • Spirituality and Religion. Describe how spirituality and / or religion may have been a factor in the actions and outcomes.

At a minimum, you will want the following topics included (some may be more than 1 slide):

  • Cover slide with project title and your name
  • Individual and situation (introduction a)
  • Ethical dilemma (introduction b)
  • Step 1: Ethical issues
  • Step 2: Facts
  • Steps 3 and 4: Option 1 and Arguments for/against
  • Steps 3 and 4: Option 2 and Arguments for/against
  • Step 4a: Ethical Theory and Why
  • Step 5: Decision and Why
  • Step 6: Assess outcome
  • Impact of Spirituality and / or Religion
  • References; at least 3 scholarly references 


  • You will need in-text citations where necessary
  • The Power Point Presentation can be bullets.
  • Speaker notes and/or narration are NOT required.
  • There is NO document required; only the PowerPoint presentation
  • These are real people! Make them “come alive” with some pictures in your presentation. Pictures are a requirement without making your presentation too large