Use APA 7th Edition Format and support your work with
October 17, 2021
Instructions In this case study, you will explore the death
October 17, 2021

Read Liese and Larson (1995) uploaded . As you read,


Read Liese and Larson (1995) uploaded . As you read, make connections between the article and the assigned readings in the textbook. Then discuss:

  • What makes cognitive therapy different from other types of psychotherapy (hint: Cognition refers to the mental processes that occur in the brain such as thoughts, decisions, memory, etc.)?
    • This portion can be your best guess. In other words, I won’t count off if your wrong. I just want to point out that there are a multitude of different types of psychotherapies. Also, CBT is usually the most effective. 
  • Based upon the article and what you have read in the textbook, what are some important things for health care providers (either from a mental health or physical health perspective) keep in mind when addressing patients with a long term illness?