Week 8 Discussion: Informational Interview Questions Class, This week’s Discussion
October 18, 2021
Teri goes to see her PCP after feeling depressed last
October 18, 2021

post a concise and comprehensive statement noting who or what

post a concise and comprehensive statement noting who or what source is informng your experience or position (cite & reference). 

Nightingale’s definition of the environment was, anything that, through manipulation, assisted in putting the individual in the best possible condition for nature to act ( Dossey et. al, 2005, p. 7). Select a complementary care strategy (noted in your text) that will manipulate and create a healing environment according to Nightingale’s environmental theory, noting it’s healing benefits. Is this a strategy you use in your practice? if so how and if not why not.  

– content is APA compliant and consistent with academic writing format

– one page length see DB instructions: no more than one page length cite & reference soure(s) that inform your content content is expected to be evidence-based with text and sources from academic data base. FYI wikipedia is not appropriate for academic writing


Dossey, B.M., Selanders, L.C., Beck, D-M. & Attewell, A. (2005). Florence Nightinglae today: Healing leadership global action. ANA,