The company we choose is Haagen-Dazs, just do a one
October 12, 2021
Topic: Native American – Media Representation Format/Length: Two Assignments =
October 12, 2021

Please make sure to answer all the questions posed in


Please make sure to answer all the questions posed in your book for phase 2 assignments 4-6. 


  1. What is the geographic scope of the market you intend to serve and why have you so chosen?
  2. What customer needs will your product or service satisfy?
  3. List and describe the main different types of customer for your product/service.
  4. Which of these market segments will you concentrate on and why?
  5. Match the features of your product/service to the benefits on offer to customers in each of your chosen market segments. Provide proof, where possible.
  6. Who are the innovators in each of your market segments?
  7. What factors are important in the customer’s decision to buy or not to buy your product/service?
  8. Is the market you are aiming at currently rising or falling? What is the trend over the past few years?
  9. What share of this market are you aiming for initially?


Barrow, C. & Barrow, P. & Brown, R. (2021). The business plan workbook: a step-by-step guide to creating and developing a successful business, tenth edition.