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October 19, 2021
Review the following industry resources to expand your understanding of
October 19, 2021

Please include a one-page report detailing how the skills taught


Please include a one-page report detailing how the skills taught in the online course are relevant to your career development.  At a minimum your report must contain:

  1. A restatement of your current targeted career goal from the CPP Part 1 Assignment (Action Step 8) (I UPLOAD IT)
  2. A restatement of the skills / qualifications required by your targeted career goal
  3. A description of the skills taught in the course and how they are taught
  4. A DETAILED discussion of how these skills make you a better candidate for a job that satisfies your targeted career goal

Summary of the online course

LinkedIn learning:  Leveraging Your Strengths 

  Leveraging and growing your own strengths can help you fulfill your greatest potential. In this course, leadership, and development strategist Halelly Azulay coaches you on how to find and maximize your strengths to become an indispensable, high-value player. Gain techniques for identifying your core strengths, tips for avoiding common blind spots related to your strengths, and four different approaches to getting unstuck in a strengthless job. Learn how to articulate your strengths to your team and start playing to your strengths immediately