Context: In this week’s discussion you are going to be
October 17, 2021
Problem 1: Develop BPMN Diagram for the following process in
October 17, 2021

Name at least three items that could be considered AT

Name at least three items that could be considered AT and describe how those devices could support a student with a disability in the classroom.

Explain two reasons why it is necessary to consider AT for students with disabilities.

Why is it important to consider both AT devices and services?

Describe three responsibilities of the Implementation Team.

List three outcomes the Implementation Team can determine by evaluating a student’s assistive technology.

Imagine you are a seventh-grade general education language arts teacher and a student in your class has an upcoming IEP meeting. What types of information should you gather ahead of time to contribute to the discussion of the student’s AT needs? Name at least four.

During the meeting suggested in the example above, the IEP team recommends AT for the student. As a general education teacher, describe your role in the AT implementation and evaluation processes.