You are starting your own business. Design an organization that
October 15, 2021
you are to find at least six online resources that
October 15, 2021

Minimum 2 page Executive Summary 2-4 sentences summarizing the whole

Minimum 2 page 


Executive Summary

2-4 sentences summarizing the whole story. Then 2-3 bullet points with metrics that prove their success.


2-3 short paragraphs describing what they were doing before they purchased your product and what challenges this presented and/or what goals they were trying to achieve.

How Product Helped

2-3 short paragraphs describing how they implemented and used your product/service. Upon the first mention of your product/service, hyperlink to the appropriate product page.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

2-3 paragraph conclusion to prove that this worked and how it impacted their business or achieved their goals (can repeat metrics from bullet points in first section as part of the text) If they’ve been able to quantify or simply speak to the ROI…