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October 17, 2021
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October 17, 2021

Marketing Plan Midpoint Submission This is the midpoint check in

 Marketing Plan Midpoint Submission

This is the midpoint check in to your marketing plan. Please submit your draft of your marketing plan here. In the Content folder section there is a marketing plan template you can use to fill out. Take advantage of the marketing plan samples to see the sections you need to fill out for the final submission.




(To fill out the template, simply delete the text and type the information. Please fill out each point briefly – this is not in-depth, but you want to give a general overview.)

The following must be included in your marketing promotion project:

  • Product description and brief history of company

– Describe the product, generally speaking identify what the product is and how it is used, (It is not necessary to describe the product from a technical or mechanical perspective, rather, how will the product benefit the consumer, how will it be used)

– Provide a brief history of the company—when was it formed, who the key personnel/managers are, where do you operate, how are you organized.   

  • SWOT Analysis

– Analyze the internal strengths and weaknesses of your product and your company. What about your product or company is an asset, what adds value, and what is a weakness. 

-Analyze the external environment and factors in the environment that are opportunities, and those that are threats.  

  • Marketing Objectives  

– Identify what is expected to be accomplished, (objectives) through marketing activities.

– SMART objectives

  • Target Market Strategy

– Discuss your target market and the variables that you will use to identify this market, (example: demographic, geographic, psychographic, buying behavior, etc.).

– Identify your strategy—will you target the entire market or a concentrated segment with a single marketing mix, or will you target multiple segments and develop multiple marketing mixes. 

  • Marketing Mix–4 P’s, (Product, Place, Price, Promotion)

Identify each of the 4 Ps.

– Product should include not only the physical product, but the package, warranty, after-sales support, etc.

– Place—discuss how you will ensure that your products are available to consumers when and where they want them. 

– Promotion—discuss how you will promote your product to bring about mutually satisfying exchanges with target markets. How will you inform, educate, persuade and remind consumers of the benefits of your product.

– Price—Discuss how you will price your product; what pricing strategy will you employ? And identify the price.

  • Implementation and control plans

– Identify the steps you will take to achieve your marketing objectives, and how you will control progress toward those objectives. 

Download the template, do your work, save it as an MS Word document and upload it.

*Attached is the template MK 101- Marketing Project Outline Template.

Here are some Marketing Plan Examples and Templates:

How to write SMART goals

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