Service-Scape is the physical environment and ambiance in which a
October 13, 2021
freepik website assessment : Customer Segments Defines the customer Segment/s,
October 13, 2021

Length/Format 3 or More Typed Pages 12 Point Font Double-Spaced


  •  3 or More Typed Pages
  •  12 Point Font
  •  Double-Spaced
  •  No Cover Page


  •  Minimum of 3 Information Sources (examples: textbook, sources from Handout #1, Hofstede’s website)
  •  Cite References at End of Paper (note: references are not included in 3-page requirement)
  •  Reference Citations Preferred in APA Format (but other formats such as Chicago or MLA okay)


  •  Profile the Culture of any Country other than the USA (unless otherwise assigned by the Instructor) and Compare it to the USA, Focusing on Management Context
  •  Include some Basic Information (suggested: 1 paragraph) on the History/Demographics/Geography of Your Country
  •  Reference the Primary Cultural Orientations in your Country for Ind./Col, Power Distance, High/Low Context, and Polychronic/Monochronic
  •  You may Consider other Cultural Orientations (Trompenaars, Globe, etc.) but not Required
  •  Compare the Orientations in your Country vs. USA
  •  Identify Cross-Cultural Communications Issues that Could Arise between Your Country and the USA in a Business/Management Context