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October 11, 2021
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October 11, 2021

Assignment: The purpose of this writing assignment is to apply

Assignment: The purpose of this writing assignment is to apply Appendix 1. A.  “Strategic Audit of a Corporation” to a current example: TESLA.

  • You are encouraged to understand the totality of the assignment before you start any writing; once you have read and understood  the Appendix, you are encouraged to do your work during the course of the semester. Do not leave it for the end. There is insufficient time to do so.
  • You should start with understanding Chapter 1 and then review Appendix 1. A. Once you have that fundamental familiarization with the foundations of a Strategic Audit, you should begin to gather information, do research, organize your work, to successfully complete the assignment in 16 weeks.
  • Resources: use the Internet, SEC, and any other company or public information. The TESLA YouTube videos, Tesla Daily (, are particularly helpful in understanding certain aspects such as its strategy, mission, goals, marketing, among others. Be sure to credit all references so as not to risk plagiarism.
  • Here is an example of a valuable infographic:  range comparison for EVs (  


The first writing assignment is to study Roman Numeral I-IV  in Appendix 1. A, and apply to TESLA.

The first paper should NOT EXCEED 4 PAGES, one-inch margins, 11 point font size, your choice of font.

The paper will be graded on how well you apply the Principles of a Strategic Audit to TESLA, how succinctly you write and communicate the critical points, how well you show your comprehensive understanding of the creativity and innovation used by Tesla. Use of graphics to make points will be rewarded.