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October 11, 2021
Research the National Committee of BioEthics (NCBE) Implementing Regulations of
October 11, 2021

APA format, on “does our past influence or connect to

APA format, on “does our past influence or connect to racial inequity in schools today?”

with these questions implemented:

  • Was there something in the readings that you had never considered? 
  • Are there ideas you agree/disagree with (make sure to base this on evidence and not opinion or emotion)? 
  • How have these ideas deepened, challenged or changed your understandings of inequity?  
  • Did any of the ideas presented help to frame experiences you have observed in schools

the following readings: (only 3-4 readings)

Zitkala-sa/ Bonnin, G. S. (1921). American Indian Stories. Washington: Hayworth Publishing House. (Links to an external site.)

Beals, M.P. (1994). Warriors don’t cry: Searing memoir of battle to integrate Little Rock. New York: Washington Square Press. Chapters 10-11, 

Hannah-Jones, N. (2016) “Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City.” New York Times Magazine.

Bigelow, B., Miner, B., & Peterson, B. (Eds.). (1991; 1998). Rethinking Columbus: the next 500 years. Rethinking Schools. 

  • Sark Heinrich, J. Native Americans: What Not to Teach, 15.
  • Peterson, B. Columbus and Native Issues in the Elementary Classroom, 16-20. 

Moorhead, L. (2018). LGBTQ+ visibility in the K–12 curriculum. Phi Delta Kappan100(2), 22-26.

Loewen, J. (2008). “Gone With the Wind: The Invisibility of Racism in American History Textbooks.” Lies My Teacher Told Me, 137-170.