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October 10, 2021
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October 10, 2021

After your reading and research, you should have a basic


After your reading and research, you should have a basic picture in your mind of what it might have been like to live in those ancient cultures. To help clarify that picture, for this discussion, you are asked to

  • role-play the part of a resident in ancient Mesopotamia, China or India.


Based on at least two sources (primary or secondary, not your eText), imagine you resided in Ancient Mesopotamia, China or India during the period covered in this module. You can play the part of any fictional citizen, ruler, priest or what-have-you. Whatever role you do assume, complete the following:

Introduce yourself to your peers in a post that identifies you and your role. Use actual terms from the period to make this come alive.

  • Explain why your people created permanent settlements.
  • Describe your religious traditions and compare these to other ancient civilizations described in this module.
  • Explain what you believe is the single (only one) greatest cultural achievement or innovation which you, as an ancient human, will leave for your descendants and why?

Make sure to incorporate historical evidence from the sources and source types noted in the prompt to support your points and use proper citations. You may use sources other than those found in the Recommended Resources, but you should write at least 300 words in your response.

Reference requirements:  Includes at least two quotes or paraphrases as evidence from relevant sources of the type required in prompt; includes properly formatted citations and a bibliography of sources in one of the approved formats (MLA, APA, or Chicago Style for Humanities.